This collection of forty sod houses wedged between Honey Brook and Rose River is home to stout halfling families, most of whom are shepherds or farmers. They have a small mill, a barn, and a blacksmith shop that doubles as an armory. Each house also has several skeps to house their bees. An earthen wall surrounds the settlement, outside of which is a wide moat. They keep shepherd dogs and use ponies for farming. There is a ferry to cross the river.


They produce sheep, wool, wine, honey, and beeswax, and trade for the majority of their grain.


The reeve is a stout halfling named Rhys Heap. He was elected by the villagers and also serves as the Earl’s gamekeeper. His nephew Roderick is head of the militia. Attacks by trolls and griffons are common and all of the adult residents are trained to use bow and spear to protect the settlement. The elder of the settlement is Rhys’s grandmother, Lowri.


In addition to their sheep, the locals also keep some cows, pigs, chicken, and geese. They drink mead and bilberry wine. They also hunt the moors for waterfowl, game fowl, rabbits, hares, and deer, though this is discouraged by the Thane of Trollwatch, who considers the moor his private hunting ground. Like most halflings on the river, they supplement their diet with fish.


  • Bilberry wine (1 gal): 5 pence
  • Honey (1 lb): 16 crowns
  • Sheep, coarse wool: 35 shillings
  • Sheep, fine wool: 5 crowns
  • Lamb, coarse wool: 15 shillings
  • Lamb, fine wool: 2 crowns
  • Lamb, leg (5 lbs): 12 pence
  • Lamb, whole (60 lbs): 1 shilling
  • Mutton chops: 3 pence
  • River fish (1 lb): 6 farthings


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