Eel Gully

Forty stout halfling families dwell in their wattle-and-daub farms while a mill, bakery, doocot, and blacksmith are the communal buildings. The warren is just downstream of the village. The village is short on livestock as anything larger than a chicken tends to attract the nearby griffons.


They trade in grain and wine but are generally self-sufficient.


The reeve is a stout halfling named Dafydd Alehouse who was elected by the villagers. The elder is an old priestess named Gwyneth Roost.


The village is known for its eel pies and ale. They also raise chickens, pigeons, and rabbits. All of the villages supplement their diet with fishing. They also make a wine from the local gooseberries.


  • Eel (1 lb): 2 farthings
  • Gooseberry wine (1 gal): 5 pence
  • Barley (1 bu): 25 pence
  • Oats (1 bu): 2 groats
  • Rye (1 bu): 15 pence
  • Wheat (1 bu): 4 groats

Eel Gully

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