This village sits in the fork where Eel Creek meets the Rose River and near a broad ford of the latter. It is composed of forty wattle-and-daub houses containing stout halfling families, a mill, a barn, a blacksmith, and a communal bakery. A warren sits on the outskirts of town. Its residents are farmers and keep shepherd dogs and ponies.


They trade grain and wine but are generally self-sufficient. They also breed ponies, which are sold to farmers and merchants throughout the Glen.


The reeve is a stout halfling named Llewelyn Thistlebriar. His mother, Winnifred, is the village elder.


The villagers raise pigs, sheep, rabbits, chickens, and geese. They drink ale and dandelion wine.


  • Dandelion wine (1 gal): 5 pence
  • Barley (1 bu): 25 pence
  • Oats (1 bu): 2 groats
  • Rye (1 bu): 15 pence
  • Pony: 4 crowns
  • Wheat (1 bu): 4 groats


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