Long ago, the two families of gods were enemies but the marriage of Odin and Freya united them against their common enemy: the giants.


The Vanir are gods of fertility and prosperity. They hail from Vanaheim, realm of the fey, but dwell now in Asgard. They are worshiped primarily by elves, gnomes, and halflings.

  • Njord, god of sea and wind (NG: Nature, Tempest)
  • Freya, goddess of love and death (NG: Life, Death)
  • Frey, god of fertility and the sun (NG: Life, Light)


The Aesir are gods of war and destiny. They dwell in Asgard, realm of the celestials, and gather the righteous dead in preparation for Ragnarok. They are worshiped by humans and dwarves.

  • Odin, god of knowledge and war (NG: Knowledge, War)
  • Baldur, god of beauty and poetry (NG: Life, Light)
  • Heimdall, god of watchfulness and loyalty (LG: Light, War)
  • Sif, goddess of marriage and the earth (LG: Life, Nature)
  • Thor, god of storms and thunder (CG: Tempest, War)
  • Tyr, god of courage and strategy (LN: Knowledge, War)


The gods of the giants prepare for Ragnarok, when they will war on the gods of Asgard and destroy Midgard with fire. They are led by Loki, who is seen as the main adversary of the Aesir and Vanir. His children: Fenrir (father of worgs and werewolves), Jormungand (father of dragons), and Hel (mother of undead), are the source of much of the evil in the world.

  • Loki, god of trickery (CE: Trickery)
  • Hel, goddess of death (NE: Death)
  • Surtur, god of fire giants and war (LE: War)
  • Thrym, god of frost giants and cold (CE: War)


Prophecy foretells a final battle between gods and giants. Garm‘s howl will herald its coming. The stars will disappear from the sky and the landscape will shake so severely that mountains fall apart, trees uproot, and all binds will snap, causing the wolf Fenrir to break free. Jörmungand will fly into a rage and swim to the shore, causing the ocean to swell onto the land. Muspell’s forces will march across the Bifrost bridge, shattering it, and gather at an immense field called Vigrid. They will be joined by the frost and mountain giants led by Thrym and Loki with “all Hel’s people”. As these forces gather, Heimdall will stand and blow into his horn, Gjallarhorn, which will awaken the gods. Yggdrasil, the cosmological tree, will shiver and all beings will be fearful. The gods and the einherjar will don their war gear and advance to Vigrid. Odin, wearing a golden helmet, a coat of mail, and brandishing his spear Gungnir, will ride in the front.

Odin will make directly for Fenrir and the god Thor, by Odin’s side, will be unable to help him because he will be fighting Jörmungand. The god Frey will engage the fire giant Surtur and will fall after a rough struggle. The god Tyr will fight the hound Garm and the two will kill one another. Thor will kill the serpent Jörmungandr but after nine steps will collapse to the ground, dead from Jörmungand’s venom. Fenrir will eat Odin, but immediately after Odin’s son Vidar will come forward and jet his foot on to the wolf’s lower jaw, and grasp its upper jaw, ripping its mouth apart, killing it. Loki and Heimdall will kill one another and, after their death, Surtur will spray fire over the earth and burn the entire world before dying of the wounds given to him by Frey.


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