Hermit Tor

Mac bryce

This farming community is named for a small hill on its outskirts that was home to a reclusive priest of Odin whose cave is still considered a sacred location. The village itself is home to about forty human families engaged in growing crops and raising livestock and horses. The buildings are single-story field stone and wood structures with thatch roofs. There is a mill and a blacksmith shop in addition to the homes, both of which are made entirely of field stone with slate roofs. The laird’s home is a two-story fieldstone structure with a slate roof. It includes a large stable and a doocot. The residents use oxen for farming and keep guard dogs. There is a large copse of elder trees along the river.


They primarily trade in hay and horses and are generally self-sufficient.


Laird Barclay MacBryce owns the village, which his great grandfather, Sir Bryce, founded. He raises the horses used by the nobility and is very proud of this fact. The Laird’s uncle Steafan is the horse merchant in Fallsport. The laird can levy forty men armed with spear and gambeson with half of them on horseback.


The hermit of the tor is a powerful cleric of Odin in his aspect of wisdom-seeking ascetic.


The villagers raise cows, pigs, chicken, and geese and grow a variety of crops. They drink ale and make elderberry wine.


  • Horse, light: 45 shillings
  • Horse, medium: 6 crowns
  • Horse, heavy: 8 crowns
  • Warhorse, courser: 20 crowns
  • Warhorse, destrier: 75 crowns
  • Elderberry wine (1 gal): 5 pence

Hermit Tor

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