Mac cameron

A cluster of single story wood houses in a wooded dell off the south side of the glen is home to about thirty families of humans. There is a mill as well as blacksmith and carpenter shops and each house has its own sty. The reeve’s house is a two story structure with a fieldstone hearth that often serves as the town hall. The newly erected Pierced Dragon inn is fieldstone and wood. A wooden palisade set with watchtowers surrounds the settlement, the tops of the spiked logs displaying severed goblin heads being picked clean by ravens. Wolfhounds are common throughout the town. The village tends to smell of maple syrup, smoke, and pig shit.


Their main products are pork, lumber, charcoal, and maple sugar and wine. They trade for grain.


The Laird of Mapledell is Kester MacCameron. During the Goblin War, the village was destroyed by the goblin army which flooded out of Goblin Pass to the south. The survivors fled to Fallsport and rebuilt after the war, but the scars are still there and the residents train everyone — man, woman, and child — in how to shoot a bow and use a spear and nobody leaves their house unarmed. Officially, he can levy thirty men armed with shortbow, spear, and gambeson. In actuality, he can raise forces of twice that number.

The Maplewood is the Earl’s forest and is tended by Oren Halfdansson, the Earl’s Warden of the Southern March. Nobles of the glen come here to hunt deer, boar, hares, and wolves. The laird’s home serves as their hunting lodge during these visits.


Maple syrup and wine are the local specialties, as well as a wide variety of pork products (due to good pannage). Most families also keep chickens. Hunting is strictly regulated by the reeve, so venison is a rare treat.


  • Lard (1 lb): 1 groat
  • Pork (1 lb): 9 farthings
  • Pork, bacon (1 lb): 2 pence
  • Pork, ham (1 lb): 4 pence
  • Pork, loin (1 lb): 6 pence
  • Pork, smoked (1 lb): 7 pence
  • Pork, suckling pig: 5 shillings
  • Maple sugar (1 lb): 5 shillings
  • Maple wine (1 gal): 5 pence


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