Oakridge Tower


A square wooden keep on a high ledge overlooking the Elf Wood. It is the home of the Thane of Oakridge and his family. It is the least elaborate and prestigious of the castles in the glen and was built essentially to act as a watchtower against threats from the north. As the oldest of the three Thanes, however, Lord Murdoch bears a great deal of respect as a veteran warrior.

The fee was granted to Sir Roy (Lord Murdoch’s father) by the first Earl. His device is a green tree on silver. Unlike the other castles, Oakridge has no village or fields. Instead, it is due support from the Earl in exchange for guarding the northern march.


A narrow 10’ stone ramp leads most of the way up to the ledge where the keep is located. A gap is breached by a wooden ramp and a set of wooden stairs leads to the first floor of the keep. There is no wall, but the wooden ramp can be raised, at which point it is, effectively, a 20’ wooden wall blocking access to the tower.

The ground floor of the keep is kitchen, cellars, and stables. The first floor is the great hall. The second floor is the apartments of the Thane and his family. The third floor is barracks and the armory. The top of the tower is home to siege weapons and the large signal lantern.


  • Lord Roy MacRoy (54), 3rd Thane of Oakridge
    • Lady Cora (53), Lord Roy’s wife
    • Seona MacKincaid (16), Lady Cora’s lady-in-waiting
    • Duncan Rose (14), Lord Roy’s squire
  • Sir Sorley MacKincaid (14), constable
    • Cora (14), his wife
  • Tavish MacNiall (11), page

Oakridge Tower

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