Otter Creek

Mac kincaid

Forty families live in single-story wood houses on the edge of the Elf Wood, surrounded by a modest palisade fence, on the western shore of the eponymous creek. They have a grain mill, sawmill, carpenter shop, and smithy. The laird’s home is a two-story wood house with a large stone hearth, which includes a small stable and a doocot. There is also a two-story wooden temple to Fulla (see below). The villagers keep wolfhounds and oxen for farming. Otter Creek is often the victim of bugbear raids.


They primarily trade lumber and furs for grain. The fur trade has made them fairly well-off by peasant standards. They also export a small amount of the locally made birch wine.


Laird Sawney MacKincaid’s grandfather, Sir Kincaid, founded the village. His son, Sorley, and daughter, Seona, serve at Oakridge Tower. His wife, Fyfe, is Una’a aunt. He can levy forty men armed with gambeson, shortbow, and spear.


Otter Creek was the site of a visitation by the Vanir Freya and Fulla in the former home of Laird Sawney. This building has been converted to a temple to Fulla.


Game meats are eaten by the commoners here, because the Elf Wood is not restricted for hunting. Trout is also a local delicacy. In addition, the locals raise pigs, cows (for milk), chickens, and geese. They drink ale flavored with juniper as well as birch wine. They use birch syrup for sweetening.


  • Birch Wine (1 gal): 5 pence
  • Furs, light (10 lbs): 5 groats or more
  • Furs, heavy (15 lbs): 75 pence or more

Otter Creek

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