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Human names are Scottish (Gordon, Kenna, Patrick, Slaine). They are ruled by a king (not local) whose vassals are earls. Knights can be given a fee, after which they are deemed thanes. They cremate their dead, either on boats or pyres. They worship the Aesir, though they tend to focus on the sons of Odin rathar than the All-Father himself. They come from Fallsport, the farming communities of the lower valley, or the castles throughout the Glen. Their surnames are generally patronymics, either referring to the person’s father or a famous male ancestor. Nobles and gentry use the name of their sept.


Half-elves are treated with a bit of suspicion by humans, but are generally accepted. Their background gives them a mysterious and magical air.


Half-orcs are hated and shunned by humans, who will not generally accept them into their settlements. Even those who are the product of rape are not treated with compassion or sympathy. Most are left to die as newborns. Because of this, most turn to a life of banditry.


Gnome names are Scots Gaelic. They are fairly common in the Elf Wood but are very rarely seen in the glen. They have dealings with elves but not any other races.

Forest Gnome

Forest gnome communities are so well hidden that it is nearly impossible for someone to encounter one unless they wish it. They have a close relationship with wood elves with whom they share the forested valleys of the Elf Wood.

Rock Gnome

Rock gnomes dwell in the forested hills and mountains of the Elf Wood, where they sometimes have dealings with hill dwarves.


The “sons of Muspell” are a race that hails from the borderlands of Muspellsheim ruled over by Surtur. They are foot soldiers of Ragnarok and are an unlikely choice for a PC.


These creatures are the spawn of dragons which serve the forces of darkness, usually through service to the dragon which created them. They are also an unlikely choice for a PC.


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