Riverbend Castle


A motte-and-bailey river castle with a square stone keep, located at the junction of the Tarnfall and Rose River with the Lower Valley to its west and the Upper Valley to its east. It is home to the Thane of Riverbend and his family. During the Goblin War, it was host to a number of refugees of Stonehold and came under siege and was badly damaged. In appreciation, the dwarves repaired the structure and replaced the wooden palisade with a stone wall, making it a much more formidable fortress. On its motte, it has an excellent view of the glen in either direction from the top of the keep.

The fee was granted to Sir Niall, one of the first Earl’s companions. It includes a small village of twenty families and sufficient lands to support the castle’s inhabitants. His device is a black tower on blue. He can raise a levy of twenty men with gambeson and spear.


  • Lord Niall the Orphan, 3rd Thane of Riverbend (36)
    • Lady Gillian (36), his wife
    • Kirsten, Maid of Riverbend (12), his daughter
    • Bryce MacAidan (17), Lord Niall’s squire
  • Sir Alistair (30), his brother and constable
    • Lady Morna (26), Sir Alistair’s wife
    • Gavin Rose (18), Sir Alistair’s squire
  • Tomas Rose (12), page

Riverbend Castle

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