This small trading outpost of twenty wood elf families live in small elevated wooden tree houses. Wood elves don’t live in permanent settlements. Rowanbrook is a temporary home to a rotating group of small hunter-gatherer tribes who come here to trade with other races.


They trade furs, woodcrafts, and wine with the villages of the glen. They are also known for pearls gathered from the local mussels, which are prized throughout the glen.


The village has no leader, deferring to elders when leadership is required. They are on reasonably good terms with the residents of Otter Creek and their lord at Oakridge Castle, but it is not a warm relationship. Otter Creek is considered the border between the Earl’s domain and that claimed by the elves.


The elves generally eat what they can hunt and gather from the forest. They are known for their wine made from the local rowan berries. They also drink a strongly flavored mead made from gathered forest honey which is an acquired taste. Their diet is heavy on fruit, nuts, mushrooms, and fish (including mussels and crayfish). The bread, porridge, and cheese so common to humans in the glen is entirely absent.


  • Rowan Wine (1 gal): 5 pence
  • Furs, light (10 lbs): 5 groats or more
  • Furs, heavy (15 lbs): 75 pence or more
  • Pearl: 5 shillings
  • Pearl, large: 5 crowns


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