Trollwatch Castle


A motte-and-bailey swamp castle with a circular stone keep and a wooden palisade. It is home to the Thane of Trollwatch and his family. From its motte is has an excellent view of the moor and its primary purpose is protecting the glen from threats coming from it. The castle sees constant attacks from trolls, griffons, and was once badly damaged by an attack by a black dragon that also killed the second Thane.

The fee was granted to the first earl’s brother, Edan. It includes a small village of twenty families and sufficient lands to sustain the castle’s inhabitants. The thane’s device is a magenta rose on green. He can raise a levy of twenty men with gambeson and spear.


  • Lord Duncan of Edan, 3rd Thane of Trollwatch (54), the Earl’s brother
    • Lady Edana (53), his wife
    • Roy MacRoy (14), squire to Lord Duncan
  • Sir Evan the Younger (32), his son and constable
    • Lady Dolina (31), Sir Evan’s wife
    • Edna (7), their daughter
    • Murdoch MacNiall (14), squire to Sir Evan
  • Alan MacNiall (10), page

Trollwatch Castle

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