Tales of the Northern March

Journey to Irondeep

Session 20


Solidify who is carrying what, provisions, and such. Specify that money acquired in the dwarf crypts should be noted apart from shire currency.

3 Hunter 192

  • Sounds: Oceangoing Ship
  • Disembark Ceobaile just before dawn (6am) in coastal fog. Chilly, clear skies, light breeze.
  • Sail down the east coast for thirteen hours (7pm).
    • Hear migrating birds.
  • Five more hours (midnight) to mouth of the Red River.
    • Coastal plain has dwarven farms raising barley and cattle.
    • Hobgoblin has a fort at the mouth of the river.
      • Irongate Legion (black gate on blue).
      • War galley currently docked.

4 Hunter 192

  • Sounds: Forest
  • Very cold, clear skies, gentle breeze.
  • Four hours (4am) upriver to first cataract.
    • Wood elves hunting auroch.
  • Two hours (6am, dawn) to dwarf camp at top of cataract.
    • Encounter hobgoblin trading enclave on their way upriver.
  • Twelve hours (6pm, dusk) by barge to second cataract.
    • Watched by wood elves. Hobgoblins on alert.
  • Two hours (8pm) to second dwarf camp and two hours waiting (10pm).
    • Spot wild boars foraging for fallen nuts.
  • Continue upriver for the rest of the night.
    • Sounds: Windswept Heath
    • Forest is gone from here on up.
    • Abandoned charcoal kilns dot the landscape.

5 Hunter 192

  • Very cold, clear skies, light air.
  • Spend the entire day going upriver through the forest.
    • Dwarven shepherds in small villages on moor.

6 Hunter 192

  • Freezing, clear skies, gentle breeze.
  • Hear stone giants in the mountains to the west all night.
  • Arrive (4am) at entrance to Undermountain Road.
    • Dwarven village of pig farmers. Bargemen live here.
  • Two hours (6am) along road to Irondeep.
    • Toll of 1 sp collected at gates.
    • Sounds: Caravan Wagon for travel, then Forgeworks on arrival in Irondeep
  • One hour (8am) having breakfast and reading broadsheets. Síle goes on her way.
  • Hightail it out of town. One hour (9am) emerge.
  • Five hours (2pm) into woods and then camp for night, eat rabbit stew.


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