Balor the Undying

Fomorian King


A huge rotting corpse of a giant with one eye in the middle of the front of his head and one in the back. He sits in a massive stone throne with a equally massive greatsword held in his hands, point to the floor. The room is filled with rotten offerings of food, ale, ships, weapons, armor, furniture, clothes. The most valuable thing here is a table before the throne set with thirteen places of silver (spoon, knife, fork, goblet, worth 180 crowns as a set) with a candelabra (120 crowns), two pitchers (8 crowns each), two large platters (40 crowns each), and a ladle (16 crowns). The whole set is worth around 400 crowns. Everything is giant-sized.


Balor was the leader of the Fomorians, a race of giants who were defeated by the high elves when they first came from Vanaheim. Balor was killed by Lugh with his spear. His burial mound is the western Ettin Head (called Balor’s Mound in Giant). The cyclops of Cyclops Vale is one of his few remaining kin, tasked with guarding the mound.

Balor the Undying

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