Human scout and guide


Feiran is the type of person who seems born to blend in, whether in a crowd, or some other surroundings. A nondescript human male in his early twenties, Feiran is of an average height and build, with long brown hair and hazel eyes. He prefers to wear a plain black surcoat over basic leather armor, with a light pack carrying everything he needs. Wielding a heavy crossbow at range, and a hand crossbow in close quarters, Feiran is confidant in his ability to make the shots that count.


Feiran is from a middle class family of tanners living in Blackwall. Enlisting in the military at an early age to escape having to take up the family trade, Feiran discovered an ability with bows of all kinds, and a love of the outdoors. Easily able to take care of himself in the wild, Feiran was trained to be apart from others for long periods of time, scouting and following groups of travellers or goblinoid incursions and reporting back on their activities. He has also been sent as a woodland guide for individuals of interest – those not worth sending an entire detachment of soldiers, but worth too much to leave unescorted. The wood elf investigator, Erisanthe, is one such. Having gone on several forays with her and her occasional companion Morag, he is used to keeping a wary eye on the inquisitive elf.


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