Lady Hildegarde von Dahl

Dvergarheim Ambassador


Fiery and Regal, a dwarven woman of moderate stature, blazing auburn hair, blue eyes, and a fair complexion


Hildegarde is a Priestess of the AllFather and the niece of Graff Lothar Van Dahl, the Dwarven ruler of the refugees living in Fallsport. She grew up in the service of the AllFather, taught that life is nothing without pain, and that all things have meaning when you look hard enough. As a member of the nobility, she understands that she is responsible for those under her house’s protection, and as a healer and priestess dedicated to the purifying power of light and fire, she shoulders that responsibility with pride and a fierce tenacity.

Hildegarde is an only child. Her parents were lost in the Goblin War when she was 6, during the Seige of Stonehold, cut down by the goblin hoard during the flight to Adder’s Bluff. She was raised in the household of her uncle, Graff Lothar, a stoic and fervent follower of Wodan, and views him as a distant but respected father figure. When Graff Lothar moved his household to Fallsport in order to better coordinate relations between the Dwarves and the Humans in the Glen, Hildegarde came with. She has since remained primarily cloistered within the Temple of Wodan training to be a priestess, and has recently attained her Journeyman status. She has begun her travels of the Glen, furthering her knowledge of the world, the people in it, and the enemies they face.

Lady Hildegarde von Dahl

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