There are two stories about the origin of the dwarves. One has them being crafted from the blood and bones of Ymir by Woden. The other has them as maggots in the corpse of the giant, granted reason by the gods. Dwarven lore subscribe to the former and point to the latter as the origin for their evil kin, the goblins, with Loki being the divine agent of reason. The dwarven king rules over a domain in the bones of the world called Nidavellir, served by his grafs and barons. His kingdom is constantly at war with the goblins for control of their domain.


They inter their dead in crypts and mausoleums. The wealthy are mummified. Criminals are mummified and reanimated as guardians. They primarily worship the god Woden (Odin) but some warrior sects dedicate themselves to his sons and there is a sect of priestesses who worship Freya who attend to the dead.

Naming Conventions

Dwarven names are Germanic (Adrian, Falk, Giselle, Odilia). Dwarves are organized into houses. Commoner houses are essentially a cross between familial clans and guilds, named for their profession (Buhr, Beck, Stein, Schmidt). Noble houses are usually named for their lands or a feature thereof (Adler, Dahl, Amsel, Bach). Nobles prefix their surname with “von” to indicate their high birth. Nobles are properly addressed “highborn”.

Hill Dwarf

Hill dwarves are the commoners of Nidavellir. They live in Adders Bluff or Fallsport.

  • Bauer (farmer)
  • Becker (baker)
  • Berg (miner)
  • Brauer (brewer)
  • Farber (dyer)
  • Fleischer (butcher)
  • Gerber (tanner)
  • Glas (glass worker)
  • Imker (beekeeper)
  • Klingemann (weaponsmith)
  • Kurschner (furrier)
  • Lederer (leatherworker)
  • Maurer (mason)
  • Muller (miller)
  • Schafer (shepherd or goatherd)
  • Schlosser (locksmith)
  • Schmidt (smith)
  • Schneider (tailor)
  • Schreiber (scribe)
  • Schreiner (woodworker)
  • Schuster (cobbler)
  • Stein (stoneworker)
  • Topfer (potter)
  • Wagner (cartwright)
  • Weber (weaver)

Mountain Dwarf

Mountain dwarves descend from the nobility of Nidavellir. They live in exile in Fallsport.

acker.png amsel.png dahl.png first.png handler.png konig.png richter.png schloss.png stadt.png tempel.png

  • Acker (Southgate) – Baron von Acker
  • Amsel (Ravencrest Castle) – Baron von Amsel
  • Bach (Rivergate Castle) – Baron von Bach
  • Dahl (Northgate) – Baron von Dahl
  • Diamant (Diamond Hall) – Graf von Diamant
  • Eisenschacht (Irondeep) – Graf von Eisenschacht
  • Felsen (Longfall Castle) – Baron von Felsen
  • First (Woden’s Watch) – Baron von First
  • Konig (royal family)
  • Handler (merchants) – Lord von Handler
  • Moor (ruins in Thunder Springs) – Lord (formerly Baron) von Moor
  • Spalt (Eastgate Castle) – Baron von Spalt
  • Richter (judges) – Lord von Richter
  • Schloss (palace guards) – Lord von Schloss
  • Stadt (city guards) – Lord von Stadt
  • Steinburg (Stonehold) – Graf von Steinburg
  • Tempel (temple guards) – Lord von Tempel
  • Wald (ruins in Goblin Mountain) – Lord (formerly Graf) von Wald


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