Pierced Dragon

This two-story wooden building with fieldstone foundation and hearth is obvious new construction. A sign out front shows a green dragon on its back with its heart pierced by a lance. Most of the building is taken up by a spacious hall with copious seating at round tables. A large dragon bone chandelier provides light in addition to the hearth. The bar is situated in front of a door leading back to the kitchen. The first floor contains a small room with a wooden bath tub and a large communal sleeping room. Above it are three private rooms. The proprietors live in separate quarters above the kitchen. A small wooden stable against the palisade has room for four horses.

The bar serves the local ale, maple wine, and fruit brandy imported from Fallsport. Breakfast is oatmeal pancakes with maple syrup and bacon. Dinner is some variety of pork (roast or sausages), cheese, and bread. Supper is ham and pea soup with oat bread. A fine meal costs a little extra and features a whole roast chicken, suckling pig, or dragon sausage.

The owner is a rough-looking human named Gilroy who tends bar and waits tables. The cook is a short-haired woman named Astrid who is not his wife but lives with him. She also does laundry and tends the rooms and bath.


  • Small Ale: 1 farthing
  • Ale: 2 farthings
  • Wine: 6 farthings
  • Brandy: 45 farthings
  • Meal, breakfast and supper: 6 farthings
  • Meal, dinner: 1 penny
  • Meal, fine: 12 farthings
  • Lodgings, communal: 1 penny
  • Lodgings, private room: 2 pence
  • Stabling: 2 farthings
  • Laundry: 3 farthings (1d4+1 hours)
  • Bath: 1 penny

Pierced Dragon

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