Aberrations are born from the yawning void where Midgard was built by the gods. It exists below and behind the world and these creatures creep into it from the dark recesses.


Celestials are natives of Asgard, realm of the Aesir.


Dragons are born of the world serpent, Jormungand, child of Loki. Green dragons spring from his venom, red dragons from his blood, black dragons from his filth, blue dragons from the sparks that fly from his scales, and white dragons from his breath.


Elementals are the natives of the elemental planes of Nilfheim (water and air) and Muspellsheim (earth and fire).


These creatures are natives of Vanaheim, domain of the Vanir.


Fiends are the natives of Hel, realm of the unworthy dead.


Giants were the first creatures in Midgard and ruled it before being defeated by the Aesir. They covet the world and raid from the wastelands of Jotunheim, where they have been consigned. They are ruled over by their gods: Aegir, Surtur, and Thrym.


These creatures are generally the progeny of Loki or his kin.


Undead are often the product of Hel’s work. At the behest of her father, Loki, she returns wicked and evil people to the world after death in the form of wights, wraiths, ghouls, and vampires.

Ghosts and specters are the dead who haunt the world due to some unfinished business and most people take measures to make sure they don’t happen.

Lastly, some use magic to reanimate corpses (skeletons and zombies) or to prevent passage to the afterlife (mummies, lichs, death knights).


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