Rose Shire

Population: 14,000 humans, 3,000 halflings, 1,000 dwarfs
Exports: Craft goods

Rose Shire is the oldest human settlement in the Northern March and is centered around Glen Rose. It was settled in year 10 by Clan Rose, led by Lord Duncan, the 1st Earl. The bulk of its population lives in the city of Blackwall and the port town of Fallsport. The remainder are divided between a couple dozen small farming villages.

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Lower Valley

The land at the lower end of the glen is good for pasturing but isn’t well suited for large scale farming. Before humans came to the glen, it was home to roving families of lightfoot halfling shepherds and pony herders. Now it is home to the human settlements of the glen. Scattered shielings and burial grounds are the only signs of the former inhabitants. A logan stone at the junction of Otter Creek and River Rose is still used by the lightfoot halflings for courts and halflings swear oaths on it.

Goblin Pass

This pass connects the lower valley with Amberdale. Its east side is formed by Goblin Mountain, an old stronghold of the evil humanoids, and has been heavily fortified since the Second Goblin War.

The Tarn

This hanging valley is at the southern mid-point of the glen and contains the entrance to Stonehold, one of the cities of Nidavellir. It is home to hill dwarves who work the mines and quarries of the surrounding mountains.

Upper Valley

The upper end of the glen is excellent farmland and has been the home of stout halflings since time immemorial. The villages here are mostly independent except for a tribute they pay to the Earl and her thanes for their protection.


This glen was formerly farmland for the dwarven city of Stonehold, but has since passed into the possession of the Earl.

Rose Shire

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